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Kelly Wearstler Posts Photo Of Gold Toilet Paper On Her Instagram: Who Would Buy This? (PHOTO)

Doesn't it seem like something a Kardashian would have in their home?

It was just weeks ago that we were reminiscing about the wonders of colored toilet tissue, and then this morning while scrolling through our Instagram feed, we saw Kelly Wearstler post a photo of... wait for it... gold toilet paper!

Wearstler accompanied the photo with the caption: "an unexpected moment of glamour." That's to say the least, Kelly. We're not entirely sure if the shot shows a real product or what. But we did a little digging and there is a company, Toilet Paper Man, that sells 22 carat gold toilet paper for $1,376,900.

We're not sure who would actually want to spend money on gold rolls. Hell, we think it's a little weird that Kris Jenner invests in black toilet paper -- and apparently her kids agree.

Head over to Wearstler's Instragram for more gold goodness, and be sure to click through our slideshow to see some extreme toilets.

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