Kellyanne Conway As Counselor To The President

Today, President-elect Trump announced Kellyanne Conway will serve as counselor to the president under his administration.

This move was not unexpected, but it was nonetheless very well deserved.

On a personal note, Kellyanne is a dear friend of mine and I could not be happier for her. She earned this and quite frankly, there is a strong case to be made that President-elect Trump would not have won without her.

She's come a long way from her humble beginnings as a young girl in New Jersey who worked summers at a blueberry farm.

When Kellyanne took over the Trump campaign in August, it looked as though Hillary Clinton was going to waltz right into the White House. All the experts said Trump was dead in the water with women, Hispanics, and blacks. They said it was an uphill battle that could not be won.

But they were wrong and Kellyanne knew it.

She understood better than anybody that Trump's message was resonating with far more people than most people realized. Even if they refused to tell pollsters out of fear of being called nasty names, there were numerous voters were ready to pull the lever for the man who is now President-elect and Kellyanne saw that clear as day.

She took over a campaign mired in chaos and went right to work. She helped Donald Trump focus and craft his message in a way that re-assured women and minorities that despite what the dishonest media was telling them, Donald Trump would be their man. He would be the man who would go to Washington and battle to bring back the jobs America has tragically lost to foreign competitors while simultaneously draining the swamp of the cronyism and corruption that has plagued our nation's federal government for far too long.

Kellyanne equipped Trump with a very simple but powerful message for those who felt they were being left behind and feared for their economic future: I see you, I hear you, and I will fight for you. I will be your voice.

That message propelled Donald Trump to the presidency and did so with the support of the majority of white women, as well as 13 percent of black men and nearly 30 percent of Hispanic voters. He also flipped an astounding number of counties that voted for President Obama twice.

And he couldn't have done it without the wisdom, guidance, and political savvy of Kellyanne.

With Trump's victory, Kellyanne also became the first woman to ever successfully run a winning presidential campaign. This is a feat that - feelings on Donald Trump aside - she should be lauded for universally.

After all, Hillary Clinton may not have broken one of the most important glass ceilings in presidential politics, but Kellyanne sure did.

I have no doubt that Kellyanne will do a terrific job in her new role as counselor to the president, but I likewise know she will continue to focus heavily on an even more important job: being a mother.

As she told Fox Business Network's Maria Bartiromo this morning, "I see people on the weekend spending an awful lot of time on their golf games and that's their right. But the kids will be with me. We live in the same house and they come first."

That's Kellyanne for you. She will work as hard as anybody, but like any great parent, she never forgets that family always comes first.

I am proud of my friend Kellyanne and I look forward to seeing her help soon-to-be President Trump make America great again. She earned this job and I have absolute faith in her ability to be a fantastic edition to the new presidential team.