Kellyanne Conway Finally Admits Marriage With George Conway Is On The Rocks

Donald Trump's former White House adviser told People that “love must come with respect and ... a modicum of class and dignity.”

Politics makes strange bedfellows, but it can really be challenging if you’re sharing a bed with someone who doesn’t share your love of Donald Trump.

Kellyanne Conway knows that firsthand and finally admitted her marriage to anti-Trump GOP lawyer George Conway may not survive.

Conway, who served as senior counselor to the president in the Trump administration, told People that if she had to choose between her marriage and her occupation, she’d “pick love anytime.”

She added that “love must come with respect, and it must come with privacy. And it must come with a modicum of class and dignity.”

Conway, who dalso dishes on her marriage in a new book, “Here’s The Deal: A Memoir,” told People that while her husband was one of Trump’s biggest critics, she never felt “competing loyalty.”

She explained: “I had two tweeting men in my life … my husband and my boss. But one is my job. The other is my marriage. I don’t conflate them because I don’t relate to them the same way. That job is term-limited. Presidencies are term-limited. Marriage and the vows I took are not supposed to be.”

In her book, Conway suggests that her husband didn’t follow their marriage vows during her time with Trump, even though she said he’s the one who encouraged her — “almost insisted” — that she take a shot working for Trump in 2016.

She became one of the president’s enduringly loyal White House advisers — and one of the few to leave on her own terms without being purged. George Conway, once a Trump supporter, became known during Trump’s time in office for fiery tweets condemning the president.

In her book, Kellyanne Conway writes that her husband’s “daily deluge of insults violated our marriage vows to ‘love, honor, and cherish’ each other.”

“I worry about our future,” she told People, and “the harm that’s been visited upon this. And for what reason? For politics.”

Marriage vows were to each other, not to Trump, and “George does not need to support or vote for or want Donald Trump to be the president,” she said.

Despite the clashing views, their vows “to honor, love and cherish” could have been kept in other ways, such as “private conversation” to sort out the issues, Conway said.

“But that didn’t happen,” she added.

Conway also seems to resent her husband’s fondness for Twitter, which she snarkily called a “flling.”

“She’s not even hot,” Conway wrote of the social media platform. “She doesn’t even have a personality. How can I compete with that?”

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