The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing About Kellyanne Conway's Glam Shot

Channeling Joan Callamezzo, Kellyanne?

Nothing gets by Twitter. 

Kellyanne Conway recently gave a wide-ranging interview with The Record from her home in Alpine, New Jersey, where she lives with her husband and four children. (Yes, that same interview where she talked about spying microwaves.) The article, published Sunday, was accompanied by a photo of Conway with her daughters.

Twitter users were quick to zero in on one particular element. In a framed portrait, positioned on a side table, is a glam shot of Conway decked out in fur. 

There were comparisons to the fantastically vain talk-show host Joan Callamezzo from “Parks and Recreation” ...

And even Katniss Everdeen. 

Turns out, the image is from a 2009 calendar of conservative ladies, all draped in fur, according to ABC News. The blurb alongside Conway’s photo highlighted her career as a pollster.  

“If there were a queen of polling, Kellyanne Conway would be it,” the photo description from ABC News read. “One of the most quoted pollsters in the nation, Conway is president and CEO of the Polling Company Inc., and is the author of What Women Really Want. Conway is wearing a navy sheared beaver jacket with fox trim and detachable hood from Miller’s Furs.”

She looks great in the shot, but we still have questions.

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