Kellyanne Conway Schooled On Twitter After Amnesia About Michael Flynn Indictment

She gloats about charges against former Obama administration lawyer Gregory Craig while Trump's former national security adviser apparently slips her mind.

White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway was tripped up hard on Twitter Thursday after she crowed about a White House official “finally” indicted in “connection with the Mueller investigation.” She was referring to former Obama administration lawyer Gregory Craig. Conway had apparently forgotten about Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, who committed his crimes while working for Trump

Craig was indicted Thursday for allegedly making false statements and hiding information from the Justice Department related to his work with former Trump campaign manager (and now convicted felon) Paul Manafort on behalf of a pro-Russian political group in Ukraine. Craig worked with Manafort two years after he left the Obama administration as White House counsel. His attorneys have called the charges unfair and misleading.

Michael Flynn slipped Kellyanne Conway's mind.
Michael Flynn slipped Kellyanne Conway's mind.

Flynn confessed as part of a plea deal in late 2017 with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team to lying to FBI agents about his interactions with a Kremlin official during Trump’s transition to the presidency. 

If Conway’s recollection of facts was worse than spotty, Twitter foes were only too happy to help refresh her knowledge.

Some also noted that apparently Conway no longer believes — now that someone linked to the Democratic Party has been indicted — that the Mueller investigation was a “witch hunt,” as her boss so often calls it.