Kellyanne Conway Shreds Jim Acosta: ‘You’re Such A Smartass’

“A lot of these people don’t like you.”

In a heated face-off between one of President Donald Trump’s fiercest defenders and the journalist who loves provoking him, Kellyanne Conway called CNN’s Jim Acosta an attention-seeking “smartass.”

It all started in a Tuesday press conference ahead of Trump’s televised address on border security when Acosta asked the presidential counselor whether she could guarantee he would tell the truth.

“Yes, Jim, and do you promise that you will?” she shot back. “The whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God? Am I allowed to mention God to you?”

Acosta shot back, “I’m not the one who has the alternative facts problem like you do.”

Accusing the reporter of making a “cheap” remark, Conway bashed Acosta for dishing out the attitude, claiming she was one of the only people left that would even talk to him.

“And let me get back in your face because you’re such a smartass most of the time and I know you want this to go viral,” she added.

But it didn’t end there.

Conway continued ragging on Acosta, asserting that “a lot of these people don’t like you.”

“I’m one of the last people here who even bother to go on” CNN, she said, “and the disrespect that you show to me personally I’ll just look past”

Acosta, not unlike other reporters in the current anti-press climate, has had an adversarial relationship with the Trump administration, in particular the president.

While he has made headlines for his battles with the White House, even having his press credentials revoked then reinstated after CNN won a lawsuit over the matter last year, his question to Conway proved wholly legitimate.

As Trump’s speech played out, fact checkers from a number of major outlets noted a handful of false or misleading lines in Trump’s speech, which employed anti-immigrant rhetoric to support his demands for border wall money.