Twitter Users Blister Kellyanne Conway After She Praises Rescue Of Thai Cave Kids

"No one is that lacking in self-awareness. It has to be deliberate," one Twitter user said.

Kellyanne Conway may fancy herself to be President Donald Trump’s spin doctor, but the way Twitter users reacted to one of her tweets on Tuesday probably left her own head spinning.

The White House adviser attempted to praise the rescue of 12 Thai boys and their coach from Tham Luang Cave by saying it represented “the very best of humanity.”

She also said, “We’re better when we come together.”

However, many Twitter users refused to let Conway get away with the “yay for humanity” tweet ― especially since the Trump administration has inhumanely separated young kids from their parents and put them in cages.

It wasn’t pretty. In fact, it was pretty brutal.

One person referenced a particularly famous Conway lie, the “Bowling Green massacre,” to make his point.

Another offered some not-so-friendly advice.

Others suggested there was more work to be done stateside.

One Twitter user wondered what other examples of “the best of humanity” might make Conway’s list. 

Another speculated that Conway overlooked a crucial detail in her effort to praise the rescue.

And this guy thought Conway’s tweet deserved further discussion and even suggested a venue.



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