New Twitter Account Trolls Kellyanne Conway For Dishing About Insiders

Conway was reportedly overheard talking about Trump, Reince Priebus and Marc Short to reporters.

A new Twitter account with the handle @KellyanneLeaks has popped up to troll Kellyanne Conway by “leaking” her behavior at a recent Washington party where she reportedly spilled information to the press about White House insiders — including her boss.

The anonymous account has been tweeting photos of the White House counselor in huddles with reporters and others, saying Conway was speaking “loudly” at a British Embassy election-watch party Thursday night. At one point, she was reportedly overheard saying, “Honestly, what the f**k does” Trump’s legislative affairs director “Marc Short do all day?” 

During the party, Conway reportedly leaked that Donald Trump told her to “go out there and say that booted FBI director ‘Jim Comey is going to have to wait and see about the tapes.’” She said she “chose to convert that to ‘no comment,’” according to the series of tweets about the party.

Conway was also reportedly seen mimicking White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus telling staffers to stop leaking information (”No leaks, guuuys”). She later complained that she’s the one “catching the slings and arrows in the West Wing,” Politico reported.

The anonymous @KellyanneLeaks account was quickly shared by one of the “rogue government” accounts, @AltImmigration, and was first reported by Politico.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer later told Politico that Conway denied the Short comment. He also said she wasn’t making fun of Priebus — but was mocking reporters for “how wrong they’ve been.”

Responses to the tweets included quips that the leaker sought by Trump has been found.

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