Kelsey Grammer Demands Immediate Divorce From Camille

Kelsey Grammer DEMANDS Immediate Divorce From Camille

Kelsey Grammer wants out -- and now.

Grammer, who left his wife Camille in July for younger woman Kayte Walsh, has been engaged in acrimonious divorce proceedings and on Wednesday demanded that the presiding judge in the case grant him an immediate dissolution to his marriage.

TMZ reports that Grammer insists he has satisfied nearly every requirement for the divorce, and wants the judge to overrule Camille's rejection of a quickie divorce, which Kelsey wants so he can marry Walsh, on date which he said he'll announce in a few weeks.

"I won't prolong my happiness," he said in late December.

Last week, Grammer introduced Walsh to his ex, a meeting Camille called "awkward."

Married without a prenuptial agreement, Camille rejected a $30 million divorce settlement, and is reportedly seeking $50 million.

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