Kelsey Grammer Sits Down For In-Depth Interview With Piers Morgan

Finally Kelsey Grammer has decided to do a sitdown interview in which he'll tell his side of the story about what went wrong with his marriage to "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Camille Grammer.

"Kelsey taped a one-hour exclusive sitdown interview with Piers [Morgan] to promote his return to TV in his new Starz show, 'Boss,' and also finally to speak about what went wrong with his marriage," a CNN insider tells me. "Everyone wanted the interview, but Piers persuaded the private Kelsey to sit with him and discuss everything from his new wife, his custody fight and how he believes his ex-wife was more interested in fame and fortune than him."

At one point, Kelsey reportedly even told Piers, "Camille married 'Frasier,' not me."

Camille herself has not been silent since sitting down with me for an interview on my HDNet talk show, "Naughty But Nice." She implied to Howard Stern that her ex likes to wear women’s clothing and told the ladies on her Bravo show that Kelsey had "big hands, big feet and [was a] big disappointment."

"Kelsey's interview was taped a few weeks ago and, over the two hours he spent with Piers, he opened up much more than anyone thought he would," the CNN insider says. "With early buzz on his return to TV in 'Boss' being so strong, insiders say he has his old confidence back and is ready to speak for himself, rather than let his ex do all the talking."

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