Kelsey Grammer Opens Up About Divorce, Kids On Letterman (Video)

Kelsey and Camille Grammer's divorce is getting nasty, but it isn't impacting the kids, Kelsey says.

Kelsey sat down with David Letterman on Thursday night and gave a glimpse into his rocky home life. With he and his now ex-wife Camille battling in the courts -- Camille wants $50 million after Kelsey cheated on her and filed for divorce, but doesn't want the divorce to happen immediately -- the former 'Frasier' star said that all is well with the kids.

In fact, his current fiancee, Kayte Walsh, has even been spending time with them, and really his son's biggest problem isn't his parents -- it's his hatred of reading.

Which is quite the problem, since he wants to be an actor like his dad. Grammer recently introduced Kayte and Camille, to awkward results.

Kelsey is finishing a year long run in La Cage aux Folles, a role Camille on Wednesday said excited him -- because, she insinuated, he likes to cross-dress.


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