Kelsey Higley's 'Manipulated' Shows What It Would Be Like If You Could Mold Your Body Like Clay

A new video shows one way to make yourself beautiful -- mold your body as though you are made of clay.

Kelsey Higley, a student of Media Art at the University of Oklahoma, created a stop-motion video featuring 126 digitally-altered photos of her body. The result is an eerie video in which Higley appears to reshape herself to fit various ideals of beauty by slimming down her waist and hips, making her breasts bigger and widening her eyes.

Higley's video is part of a larger project called "Manipulated," which includes portraits of women who have been digitally altered to reflect beauty ideals in different time periods.

"The self-portrait video loop works in conjunction with these photographs to depict my own struggle with beauty and how my perceptions change throughout a much shorter period of time," Higley wrote in her project statement.

Higley said that working on the project has helped her love her own body and be more critical of messages she receives about what beautiful really is.

“It felt very therapeutic editing each photo as my appearance became unrecognizable and less human with every click,” Higley told HelloGiggles. “This project reminds me that these things I categorize as my flaws are what makes me human. And I love that.”



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