Your Ride Is Here: Non-Profit Chauffeurs Cancer Patients To Treatments In Exotic Cars

When Ken Adams from Austin, TX., was battling cancer, he learned first-hand just how difficult it becomes to carry out life's simplest tasks. Suffering from an onslaught of debilitating symptoms and side effects, just getting to treatment appointments became a goliath undertaking.

But Adams was one of the lucky ones, Fox News reports.

He never had to wait or worry about getting a ride. That, however, wasn't true for many of Adams' fellow patients.

"When I was in treatment, I wanted to go home right away. People that rode the bus, they had to sit a while," Adams said.

"Sometimes people were sitting waiting when I got there and still waiting when I would leave."

Recovering from Stage 3 head and neck cancer, Adams decided he needed to do something -- and so, in 2010, Your Ride Is Here was born.

A non-profit that provides exotic rides for Austin cancer patients to and from their treatment appointments, Your Ride Is Here aims to add some pizzazz to an otherwise grueling situation.

According to a press release, the charity has partnered with luxury car dealership John Eagle European to provide patients with exotic cars like Aston Martins, Bentleys and Ferraris.

Sonny Morgan, owner of the dealership, told Fox News that they even picked someone up in a $350,000 Rolls Royce.

"Having cancer is difficult enough, so getting to treatment shouldn’t be,” Adams said. “As a former patient and car fanatic, I understand how a positive experience can impact your attitude and ultimately, your recovery."

So far, the organization -- which has more than 200 volunteers, many of whom use their own luxury cars -- has provided over 400 rides, AutoBlog reports.

"Everyone has been touched by cancer, either personally or through someone they care about," said Morgan. "Because my family has suffered from cancer, I was drawn to this organization. My first experience helping a patient hooked me forever. It’s so rewarding to see the relief and delight on the face of someone battling cancer when you pull up in a dream car just for them."

For Elizabeth Amsler, an ovarian cancer patient who has been chauffeured around in an Aston Martin, the service has been nothing short of a god-send, Fox News reports.

"I would let them know what my next appointment was and they would just show up. It was easy. That left me to spend my energy on important things… like getting better," she said, adding that riding in the luxury car was the "highlight" of her chemotherapy experience.