The Red Sweaters You Need To Look Like National Treasure Kenneth Bone

Sweater weather has never looked better.

There was a clear victor in Sunday’s presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: the man, the myth, the legend ― Kenneth Bone.

Bone began the night as an undecided voter who posed a question at the debate. But he ended the night as the hero America deserves.

Bone’s question was thoughtful, to be sure. He asked the candidates how they planned to meet America’s energy needs. But his question was simply overshadowed by his commanding presence and bold fashion choice ― a red power sweater worthy of Hillary Clinton herself.

It’s a sweater so vivid ― so daring ― that even Melania’s pussy bow knew to back the f**k off. It’s the one sweater to rule them all.

GQ managed to track down Bone’s debate sweater on Amazon. While Bone’s fire engine red does not appear to be available, you can purchase a slightly more subdued maroon shade.

<a href=";psc=1" target="_blank">IZOD Men's Cable Solid 1/4 Zip Sweater, $42.99+</a>
IZOD Men's Cable Solid 1/4 Zip Sweater, $42.99+

But if you’re lusting after that true red ― a red that only American patriot Kenneth Bone could pull off ― we’ve got you covered. Please enjoy the red cable-knit glory below.

<a href=";utm_campaign=CHAPS&amp;utm_medium=CSE&amp;utm_source=google&amp;utm_product=61636577&amp;CID=shopping15&amp;gclid=CInrhbvK0M8CFcJZhgodNd8ANA&amp;gclsrc=aw.ds&amp;dclid=CJDFj7vK0M8CFcpJDAodLU0Bdw" target="_blank">Men's Chaps Classic-Fit Cable-Knit Mockneck Sweater, 48.99</a>
Men's Chaps Classic-Fit Cable-Knit Mockneck Sweater, 48.99
<a href=";pla_country=US&amp;CAGPSPN=pla&amp;CAWELAID=120156340008874150&amp;CAAGID=17664105425&amp;CATCI=pla-72004853188&amp;cm_mmc=Google_Mens_PLA-_-Men%27s+Apparel+-+Polo+Ralph+Lauren+-+GS_Sweaters-_-65068995185-_-pg4187_c_kclickid_b1dc1484-6f01-420b-960c-0b46d06af0fa&amp;trackingid=403x4187&amp;catargetid=120156340003407717&amp;cadevice=c&amp;gclid=CP3IhIHN0M8CFcwehgodkecK4A" target="_blank">Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Cable-Knit Mock Neck Sweater, $98.50</a>
Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Cable-Knit Mock Neck Sweater, $98.50
<a href=";country=US&amp;currency=USD&amp;selectedSKUId=56365551057&amp;selectedLotId=5636555&amp;fromBag=true&amp;quantity=1&amp;cm_mmc=ShoppingFeed-_-GooglePLA-_-Pullover%20Sweaters-_-56365551057&amp;utm_medium=cse&amp;utm_source=google&amp;utm_campaign=pullover%20sweaters&amp;utm_content=56365551057&amp;gclid=CN6j-rXK0M8CFcIfhgodhrgFQw&amp;kwid=productads-adid^45810122978-device^c-plaid^76121677538-sku^56365551057-adType^PLA" target="_blank">IZOD Aran Cable-Knit Quarter-Zip Sweater, $27.99</a>
IZOD Aran Cable-Knit Quarter-Zip Sweater, $27.99

And we have to represent all the lady-Bones out there!

<a href=";pla_country=US&amp;CAGPSPN=pla&amp;CAWELAID=120156340008209934&amp;CAAGID=15360183061&amp;CATCI=pla-86090888461&amp;catargetid=120156340001256910&amp;cadevice=c&amp;cm_mmc=Google_Womens_PLA-_-RTW+Womens_Womens+Sweaters+-+GS_Karen+Scott-_-66681423061-_-pg43934_c_kclickid_b1dc1484-6f01-420b-960c-0b46d06af0fa&amp;trackingid=424x43934&amp;gclid=CKej1c3O0M8CFc5ZhgoddhoBDA" target="_blank">Karen Scott Mock-Neck Cable-Knit Sweater, $23.99</a>
Karen Scott Mock-Neck Cable-Knit Sweater, $23.99

Enjoy sweater weather the way Kenneth Bone would, America. Get your bold, beautiful quarter-zip today.