Ken Bone And T.D. Jakes Pray There's An End To Election Divisiveness

"No matter who we pick for president, how do we come back together when it’s over?"

Ken Bone became a nationwide sensation after he asked a question at Sunday’s presidential debate about energy.

But the question he asked syndicated talk show host T.D. Jakes on Friday may be aeven more important.

Bone, who is also a pastor, arrived at Jakes’ show with a few questions of his own. 

“Bishop, I think you can really help me out with this because I’m starting to wonder, after this incredibly divisive political cycle we’ve gone through, no matter who we pick for president how do we come back together when it’s over?”

Jakes empathized, and told Bone held out hope that things will get better.

“Well, you know it’s a real problem, it’s a real challenge but my hope is whoever ends up in the Oval office will really act on what the peoples’ concerns are,” he said. “It is quite clear that there’s a disconnect between our leadership and our people. People need to be heard and I think once they get heard we’ll relax with one another, stress will go down.

“When people have a job and they have a little bit of money they get a lot nicer ― a whole lot nicer.”



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