Ken Buck Unaffected By Recent Gaffes: Rasmussen

Republican Senate candidate Ken Buck's poll numbers have not taken a hit despite a few well-publicized gaffes.

Rasmussen Reports released the results of a survey this week that showed roughly the same results as a poll from earlier this month, before Buck was caught on camera making off-color remarks at campaign rallies.

The Rasmussen poll from this week continued to show Buck and his primary opponent, Jane Norton, with slight leads over the potential Democratic nominees in a hypothetical general election.

Rasmussen has shown Republicans with a slight edge over Democrats in Colorado for several months. Polling from other companies have suggested closer general election matchups.

Earlier this month, a video camera caught Buck joking with a conservative crowd that they should vote form him because "he does not wear high heels." Over the weekend, 9News released audio of Buck calling Tea Partiers who doubt Obama's citizenship "dumbasses."

Norton has attempted to make both of these gaffes a campaign issue, slamming her opponent for what she characterizes as recklessness.

Earlier this month, in the wake of a mounting plagiarism scandal, a similar Rasmussen telephone survey showed gubernatorial candidate Scott McInnis dropping 7 points from a poll conducted a few weeks earlier.