Ken Buck: Vote For Me 'Because I Do Not Wear High Heels' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Ken Buck: Vote For Me 'Because I Do Not Wear High Heels'

Those attendees at the Independence Institute's Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Party who weren't privy to the back-and-forth of Colorado's GOP Senate primary were briefly left scratching their heads on Saturday. Addressing the conservative crowd, candidate Ken Buck cryptically responded to a recent TV ad (viewable below) from his opponent, Jane Norton, that seemingly called his manhood into question.

Asked by an woman in the audience why she should vote for him, Buck quipped: "Because I do NOT wear high heels."

Buck was quick to clarify that the joke was a reference to Norton's recent ad, in which she cast doubt on Buck's manhood for accepting the support of 527's and other independent political organizations.

"She questioned my manhood. I think it's fair to respond," Buck explained. "I have cowboy boots on. They've got real bulls**t on them. That's Weld County bulls**t, not Washington D.C. bulls**t."

A spokesman for Norton chided Buck Wednesday, telling the AP "Ken is going to have to use all of his best lawyer-speak to explain this really stupid statement."



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