Ken Burns Rips Mitt Romney Over PBS Plan: 'Ridiculous' (VIDEO)

Filmmaker Ken Burns had harsh words for Mitt Romney, mocking the Republican presidential candidate and calling his proposal to cut funding for PBS "ridiculous" in a recent appearance on HuffPost Live.

"The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is one one-hundredth of one percent of our federal budget. This is a man, Mitt Romney, who knows what things cost but doesn't know their value," Burns told HuffPost Live host Jacob Soboroff. "This is an underfunded network...that stitches together red states as well as blue states. That's supported by red states as well as blue states. That's responsible for the best children's, the best science, the best nature, the best public affairs and the best history on the dial. And he wants to get rid of it?

"It's ridiculous," he added.

Burns made light of Romney's attack on Big Bird, saying that he and the "Sesame Street" character have "been in witness protection since the first debate."

The filmmaker -- who has produced four documentaries for PBS, including the upcoming "The Dust Bowl" -- also mocked Romney's appearance, describing him as "this guy who looks like a little man on the wedding cake."