‘Jeopardy!’ Giant Ken Jennings Compares James Holzhauer To Marvel Villain

The 2004 record holder even jabbed at Holzhauer's stiff smile in a lighthearted exchange on Twitter.

“Jeopardy!” record holder Ken Jennings congratulated dethroned champ James Holzhauer on Monday for a great run. In his own unique way.

Holzhauer fell about $60,000 short of Jennings’ $2.5 million non-tournament earnings record and way short of his 74 victories. Emma Boettcher defeated Holzhauer on Monday’s show to stop his win streak at 32.

Holzhauer joked on Twitter to the all-time champ that he just needed 43 “second-chance games,” which would have pushed his win streak past Jennings to a record 75.

Holzhauer’s aggressive approach to the game show impressed Jennings, so the 2004 champ gave him some mighty, if unorthodox, praise. Jennings equated Holzhauer with Thanos destroying half the universe in the “Avengers” series.

He also mocked Holzhauer’s stiff smile with a clunky photo illustration. Hey, only a fellow “Jeopardy!” king like Jennings could get away with that.

We have a feeling there will be more chatter between these two, especially if they meet in a tournament game down the line.

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