Ken Lanci, Cleveland Browns Fan, Sues Team & NFL Over Lockout

Fan Sues NFL Team, League

One fan has had enough of the NFL lockout and has taken it upon himself to save the upcoming season.

Businessman Ken Lanci filed a lawsuit on Thursday against the Cleveland Browns and the league over the lockout, according to Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Lanci, a Cleveland Browns fan, claims in the lawsuit that the lockout violates his private seat license contract with the team and "jeopardizes his right to watch a full season of home games."

The 60-year-old reportedly asked the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court to prohibit the lockout.

"What tipped the scale for me is the labor issue between millionaires and billionaires and the fact they can't settle it when the country is in a recession," Lanci said. "Worse yet, they have to rub this in our faces."

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