Kendra Wilkinson Appears To Confirm Cheating Rumors In Reality Show Clip

Kendra Wilkinson Appears To Confirm Rumors Her Husband Cheated

You can't always believe everything you read, especially when it comes from the tabloids. But when a reality star is crying over the headlines in a clip from her show, it's a different story.

"Every word that came from the tabloids. Boom ... boom ... boom ... When did he do this? While you were eight months pregnant," Kendra Wilkinson tells the camera as her eyes begin to well with tears and her voice begins to break, in a teaser for her show, "Kendra On Top." "[I] felt like I was getting shot. Our marriage is down the drain."

Wilkinson appears to be confirming the rumors her husband Hank Baskett cheated on her while she was pregnant with their daughter -- rumors that were splashed on websites and across magazines earlier this summer.

In fact, the 29-year-old former Playboy model even admitted she "flushed her wedding rings down the toilet," which is exactly what a source told Us Weekly back on July 1. The magazine's source claimed that Wilkinson "grew suspicious and "started snooping," and when she discovered an unexplained charge on his credit card, she "flipped out," allegedly even punching walls, throwing wedding photos into the pool, and of course, flushing her wedding rings.

The future doesn't look good for Wilkinson and Baskett, with a source telling People magazine that the former "Girls Next Door" star is already meeting with divorce lawyers, despite the fact that the couple continue to appear together for the sake of the show.

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