Kendall-Jackson 'Undercover Boss': President Rick Tigner Goes Undercover For Reality TV (VIDEO)

As anyone who has actually pursued the dream of the wine industry knows, it ain't easy.

Thus was the lesson when Kendall-Jackson President Rick Tigner sported fake braces, color-changing contacts, a sweet new handlebar mustache and cut and dyed hair to become the newest reality TV star on CBS's "Undercover Boss."


The show disguises executives to go undercover into the day-to-day depths of their companies. For Tigner, this meant picking grapes, bottling wines and doing the dirty work at his billion-dollar brand -- the parent of labels including La Crema, Murphy Goode and others.

According to SFGate, Tigner posed as Jake, "a good-old boy grocery store manager from Plano, Texas" who was starring on a pilot about people considering a career change.

The Huffington Post obtained a clip of the show, featuring slapstick scenes of Tigner breaking bottles and fumbling through grape-picking.

"That's disastrous," said one employee about Tigner accidentally breaking branches on the vines. "That's like dropping money on the ground.

A later scene showed Tigner working the tasting room with a complete lack of knowledge about the wines. (We would have hoped he would have at least been good at that part.) But in Tigner's defense, it's not his job to know the wines; it's his job to keep Kendall-Jackson a billion-dollar company.

Check out the episode on CBS on January 29 at 8:00 p.m., and check out our preview clip below: