2015's Most Popular Instagram Is A Picture Of Kendall Jenner's Head

A highly important study.

Good morning, class. Today we'll discuss how Kendall Jenner's hair is a thought leader of 2015.

The infamous photo of the star chilling on the ground with her hair in heart shapes is 2015's most popular Instagram, according to a new ranking from The Cut. The photo's like count comes out to a casual 3.2 million. 

The long-term causes of this occasion are likely the Internet's combined love for Kardashians and hair art. But it's also just one of life's crazy little mysteries.

In second place is Taylor Swift standing next to a bunch of flowers sent by Kanye West.

Take a moment to jot down in your notes that this year's rankings could mark an important historical moment: Kendall's win -- along with her and sister Kylie Jenner's three combined photos on the list -- may signal some kind of younger Kardashian generation takeover. Last year's most popular Instagram was Kim Kardashian's wedding picture with Kanye West (which Kendall's hair photo beat out as the most popular Instagram ever back in June). But this year, none of Kim's grams even made it into the top ten.  

Please also note, however, that this could mean literally nothing, as Kim still has a cool 53.3 million Instagram followers to Kendall and Kylie's 42.7 million and 43.9 million, respectively.

The only thing we know for certain is that Taylor Swift truly has 57.2 million followers. Please file that away for the final.

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