Kendall Jenner Getting Sweet 16 TV Special

We've all seen the "Super Sweet Sixteen" bashes bestowed on rich kids courtesy of MTV, but get ready for one of Kardashian proportions.

Yes, the family that documents every milestone and otherwise will bring you, "Kendall's Over-The-Top Sweet Sixteen Birthday - A Kardashian Event."

That's not really what Kendall's birthday special will be called, but you saw what E! could do with a wedding, so just imagine a younger crowd, pink decor, fewer diamonds and a car that cost more than your home presented to the birthday girl in an even more obnoxious manner.

Kendall, the teenage reality star/model/high school cheerleader turns the big 1-6 on November 3, and according to Us Weekly the special actually will include the birthday girl not only shopping for a car, but for a navel piercing and tattoos as well. The magazine also reports that the network is trying to snag a big time performer like Kanye West or Nicki Minaj to impress the crowd.

Even if the wedding of the century is ending in divorce, Kendall knows a great party planner when she sees one -- she's got half-sister Kim involved in the planning the big event.

On October 26, Kim tweeted:

"Fun family day! Looking for locations to throw Kendall's Sweet 16 at!!!! I can't believe @KendallJenner is gonna be 16!"

There's no word on an air date for the E! special, but It's safe to say, it's not going to be like any Sweet 16 birthday party we've ever been to.