That Time Kendall Jenner Got A Pony For Christmas

Is this relatable?

Remember your childhood holiday wish list? Was a pony on it? (Probably.)

Well, in her youth, Kendall Jenner literally received a pony for Christmas, and now we can all witness the Christmas miracle normal occasion if you are very rich? 

Jenner shared throwback clips of the moment on her Instagram Tuesday, with the whole video available on her app. 

Little baby Jenners! Little baby horse! (Well, not technically a baby horse.) 

If Kendall's holiday gift guide is any indication, the presents she'll be giving and getting this year will likely be a little less ... equine. Some of her picks include a Givenchy wristlet, a fuzzy Shrimps Cheryl coat that costs more money than we've seen in a bank account, Cartier bracelets, and a classic Kardashian skirt set. 

You know, just some typical Secret Santa staples.

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