Kendall Jenner Is Definitely Trolling Us In These Absurd Shorts

What.. the..
04/04/2017 09:56am ET

Celebrities often get a pass for the questionable things they wear. Naturally, this includes the Kardashians, who wear some pretty wild stuff.

But not this time, Kendall Jenner. Not. This. Time.

We simply cannot be silent about these baffling cut-off denim shorts with the ankle hem still attached that Jenner wore out in Los Angeles last week.

BG002/Bauer-Griffin via Getty Images

It looks like the middle of her legs are wearing an invisibility cloak. Like she merged denim shorts with two dog leashes. Or like she got two Skip Its caught on each leg and they somehow became attached to her otherwise perfectly acceptable, minuscule shorts.

BG002/Bauer-Griffin via Getty Images

Besides the fact that these shorts ― ankle suspenders? ― don’t make any sense, they also just look annoying to wear. Anyone else itchy just thinking about the strings tickling their legs as they walk? Eek.

We know the Kardashian/Jenner contingent has a habit of trying to pass off as pants things that only slightly resemble pants, but this look takes the cut-off cake.