Kendall Jenner Is Ready To Move Into Versailles

As anyone who has been "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" knows, Kendall Jenner is in the market for a new home. After all, turning 18 means it's time to move out (whether or not you've graduated from homeschooling).

Now it looks like the reality star has set some pretty lofty standards for her first abode.

Jenner shared a photo of herself sitting on the steps of the back garden at Versailles with the caption, "honey, I'm home #Versailles."

Though Jenner is clearly joking about her comfort in the lavish French palace, the joke is a bit close to home. Big sis Kim Kardashian and fiance Kanye West were rumored earlier this year to be eyeing Versailles as a potential location for their wedding.

Perhaps the famous family is taking the role as E! network royalty a little too seriously. Someone should probably let the Kardashians know that life at Château de Versailles doesn't always have a fairytale ending … ah, well, qu'ils mangent de la brioche!



Kendall Jenner