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Kendall Jenner For Vogue? Famous Sibling Shoots Cover Of Miss Vogue Australia (PHOTOS)

Calm down, everyone. Let's get to the bottom of this.

We were minding our own business, quietly perusing the Internet for interesting style tidbits to read when... Wait a minute. Hold up. Kendall Jenner for VOGUE??

That's what the headlines and Kendall's own Twitter feed said -- but it's only partially true. Kendall, Kim Kardashian's 16-year-old half-sister, tweeted on Thursday, "shooting the COVER of Vogue today!! #MsVogue."

That hashtag stands for Miss Vogue Australia, a "diffusion brand" of Vogue Australia that brings together high fashion and street style. Miss Vogue Australia is a new feature of the Aussie mag and they've chosen Kendall as their second-ever cover girl. Vogue Australia also tweeted on Thursday: "On set today shooting Miss Vogue."

Before you commence the eye-rolling, remember that Jenner does have some modeling experience on her resume -- and no, not just promo shoots for "Keeping Up With The Kardashians." The high schooler posed as the face of White Sands swimsuit line as well as for FLAVOR magazine and covered Teen Vogue with her younger sister, Kylie. She also hit the runway at Fashion Week for designer Sherri Hill (twice!) and popped up on America's Next Top Model" "as a guest judge.

So yeah, she's been around the fashion block. But are those Vogue covergirl qualifications? You be the judge. Below, a sneak peek at Kendall's Miss Vogue Australia shoot below care of Vogue Australia's Instagram.


kendall jenner vogue

kendall jenner vogue

kendall jenner vogue

See how she's grown...

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