Kendall Jenner's Go-To Tool For Anxiety Is Really Smart

Simple? Yes. Effective? Definitely.

Kendall Jenner is getting candid about anxiety and, most importantly, how she copes with it.

The model revealed last year that she was experiencing anxiety and panic attacks, partly due to fears about her family’s safety. And in a new essay for her website, Jenner shared what techniques she learned to help keep her worries at bay.

“[I] learned that it’s all mental, so I try to prevent anxiety attacks by bringing my mind somewhere else,” she wrote. This includes practicing breathing and meditation exercises, she explained.

Jenner also said in the post that flying can trigger panic attacks for her.

“I once had a really bad attack on a plane and just had to ride it out,” she wrote. “I felt my heart beating a million miles an hour and I even went a little numb.”

Her method for finding calm is smart: Deep breathing is a particularly useful tool for relieving stress in the body, according to health professionals. Moving your mind away from your panic, as Jenner suggests, can also work. Psychiatrists recommend tricks like “scheduling your anxiety” by writing down your worries and promising to revisit them later can help to ease what’s bothering you.

Of course, it’s important to consult a doctor to find the combination of techniques that work best for you. Therapy, medication and other self-help tricks are also useful tools when it comes to abating anxiety, a condition that affects an estimated 40 million American adults.

The star’s openness about her condition is also important. Experts say that celebrity testimonies about mental health issues can help eradicate some of the stigma associated with psychological conditions. The more exposure they get, the greater the likelihood that illnesses like anxiety and depression will be met with acceptance.

We’d call that a win. Keep it up, Kendall.

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