Kendall And Kylie Jenner Talk New Fashion Line, Secret Tumblr Blogs And Crazy Paparazzi (EXCLUSIVE)

When we walked into their suite at the Soho Grand Hotel in New York City, Kendall and Kylie Jenner -- both dressed in head-to-toe black -- were looking chic, sitting cross-legged on a couch while immersed in their smart phones.

If you didn't know the two teens were famous, you probably would still be struck by how self-assured and fashionable they seem. But the girls have proven themselves to be much more than just style-savvy -- they're budding businesswomen. From starring on a reality TV show with their family to launching their own PacSun line to co-authoring a new book, Kendall and Kylie are up to their knees in new projects.

We can't say we're that surprised. After all, they are the Kardashians' youngest sisters. But before you compare them to their older sibs, know that the Jenner girls are carving their own path.

HuffPost Teen caught up with the busy jet-setters, who filled us in on their favorite fashion trends, what they miss about "regular" high school and the one topic that makes them most heated.

First off, congrats on your new back-to-school line for PacSun! Can you describe some of the inspiration that went behind the pieces in this new collection?

Kendall: I think we got most of our inspiration from online, I’d say -- Tumblr and stuff.

Kylie: Definitely our sisters' style. Even the clothes out of our own closet. We’ll just have stuff that we really love, like overalls. I’ve been really obsessed with overalls. We just look at our own clothes and are like, "Wow, we could really change this and make it this much cuter, or it could use this color."

Who are your fashion role models?

Kendall: Our sisters are probably our biggest.

Kylie: Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Kendall: I like Miley’s style.

Kylie: …and Rihanna’s style.

If you had to choose, which one of your sisters has the best style?

Kendall: They’re all pretty different; they all have pretty great styles. I don’t know, I couldn’t say! ‘Cause I could go to any of them and get clothes if I wanted to borrow something.

What’s the best piece of fashion advice you’ve ever received?

Kylie: I just think growing up, I’ve had a lot of advice from my sisters. I don’t necessarily think I get advice -- I just think looking at other people for inspiration has had the biggest impact.

If you could each describe your personal style in three words, what would they be?

Kylie: I like describing Kendall’s, and Kendall likes describing mine. I think Kendall’s is the epitome of a model’s style. She’s very classy, simple, beachy.

Kendall: You… edgy, dark and different.

Kylie: Thank you!

How does working together as a business affect your relationship as sisters?

Kylie: I don’t think it really affects our relationship. I don’t think we ever let business get in between us. But it’s definitely helped our clothing line. Having two different opinions creating the line has worked out really well for us. It’s cool because, maybe not everyone in America loves my style and the input I put into it, so some people might love the stuff I put more input into, and others might like the stuff Kendall puts more input into.

We know that in order to pursue your careers that you guys have decided to become homeschooled. What do you miss most about being at a “regular” high school?

Kendall: I think the social life. You get to see your friends every single day, and hang out with them every single day. And being in school with them makes it easier to make plans –-- you’re like, "Oh, let’s do this after school." You lose that completely.

Kylie: And cheer. I miss cheer.

Kendall: We were cheerleaders, so we miss that. I still go to football games sometimes, but we used to go all the time.

Kylie: We held out for the longest we could, but it just became unrealistic.

Kendall: We would go to cheer at football games and there would be paparazzi on the other side of the fence taking pictures. It got to a point where it was just ridiculous. Thank God no one stalked us at school!

Kylie: I’m pretty sure that’s illegal. I mean, they can’t come to your school can they?

Kendall: They can stand outside of the property and take pictures in! It’s not hard. I never got to that point, thank God; I would have had a fit if it did. I hate paparazzi.

Aside from the paparazzi, are there other things that you don’t miss about being in a regular high school?

Kylie: I definitely don’t miss schoolwork and stuff. Homework was unrealistic. The second we got home there was filming, this that. Teachers -- they don’t understand.

Kendall: I mean, we’d tell them, but still they’d be like: “No, you can do it.”

Kylie: Even in math. When math gets harder you’re learning a new lesson every single day. If you miss one day, or you can only get to school two times -- which is what it was like -- it wasn’t educational for us.

We noticed that you guys have a really tight circle of friends. Being famous and working in this type of industry, how do you know who really has your back and who doesn’t?

Kendall: You don’t know until something happens, unless they show clear signs to you. We’re really good at reading people and we’re good at knowing who is true and who is not. But sometimes people are good at hiding the fact that they are using you or whatever. It takes an event or something that happens to really bring it to your awareness.

You guys are obviously huge fashion icons for our readers. What styles and trends should they be looking out for this upcoming season?

Kylie: I’m not up on my trends! I don’t know, I think chokers are getting back in… and bandanas.

Kendall: That’s just you Kylie -- that’s you and your friends. Nobody else is doing that!

Kylie: Yeah, so I’m not up on trends. What about you Kendall?

Kendall: I have no idea. Just trying to think... I have no clue.

Kylie: I like overalls right now, crop tops. We have cute crop tops in our line.

Rumors have surfaced that "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" could be ending. How would life be different without having the cameras around?

Kendall: I don’t know. I think the show has brought so many opportunities for all of us obviously. But, I mean, we’ve been doing it for almost eight years now.

Kylie: I can’t even fathom us not doing the show. When it ends it’s going to be so sad. It is going to end eventually, but that’s just all I know.

Kendall: I don’t think it’s going to end any time soon though. We have a few more years in us.

What are your ways of escaping the media? How do you unplug from technology?

Kendall: There’s not much you could do honestly at this point.

Kylie: Really nothing. I can’t really go out of the house without being followed. Going to Wyoming, or just getting away… going somewhere else.

Kendall: They’re hardcore stalking us right now, which is really annoying for us. We’re not like our sisters; we’ve always been kind of under the radar. For us, recently it’s just been kind of really, really, really crazy. They follow us everywhere we go.

We can only imagine what it’s like when you’re driving.

Kendall: Oh, please! They’re the most reckless drivers! They run red lights -- they’re ridiculous. I don’t understand why these people aren’t illegal. Ask me a question about paparazzi and I get so heated. And I feel so bad for young kids of celebrities. My nieces and nephews get yelled at, and I’m like, "You are yelling at a 2-year-old."

We know that you guys are avid Tumblr users, but we also noticed that you guys keep your blogs anonymous. Why?

Kylie: Mine’s public -- I post about it on Instagram and Twitter. I had a Tumblr for a while that I kept anonymous, but I wanted to restart and make a new style. I redid it and was like, why not make it public? I love Tumblr. I think it’s a great way to show my style and all that.

Kendall: I’ve kept mine anonymous because everything else I have is public. I wanted one thing that wasn’t. That way I could see if I got a lot of followers, and if people actually liked it for the content, not because it was mine. That’s why I kept mine anonymous. I don’t really care anymore… so I might as well announce it.

Kylie: It’s cool to keep it low-key and then when people find it...

Kendall: Some people know about mine! I don’t even know how they figured it out.

Kylie: I reblog a lot of your stuff.

Kendall: So? You reblog other people too!

Kylie: But there’s a "KJ" in it…

Kendall: So… that could be Kenny Jackson!

Kylie: No, it couldn’t. It's obviously you!

What can you tell us about your upcoming sci-fi book? Are there any details you could spill?

Kendall: Nothing. Just that it’s sci-fi and it’s coming out in the spring.

How do you guys have time for all of this? Do you sleep at night?!

Kendall: She barely sleeps -- I sleep!

Kylie: I don’t really believe in sleep these days.

Looking into the future, where do you hope to be in five years?

Kylie: A lot of people have been asking, “What are you doing?” but they don’t realize that I’m still 15. I’m doing so much already; I mean, give me a break! I want to try acting and pursue the designing career. I’ve had so much fun with our clothing line and our jewelry line even. It’s just such a cool world that I’ve been blessed to get a chance of knowing.

Kendall: I want to continue modeling, and do the best that I can with that.

Who have been your mentors that you look up to?

Kendall: My dad for sure.

Kylie: For me it’s probably Khloe, and our manager, Liz, who is always around us. And my mom!

Have they given you any awesome pieces of advice?

Kendall: We get that question all the time and never know how to answer!

Kylie: But there is just so much advice our parents and sisters give us. But pretty much—

Kendall: Stay humble. That’s my dad’s biggest advice: Just stay humble.

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