Kendall Wright Touchdown: Robert Griffin III To Baylor Wide Receiver For 87-Yard Score (VIDEO)

The reception may not have been immaculate, but it was certainly less than probable.

Entering Saturday night's game in Waco, Baylor sported an 0-20 record against Oklahoma. When they were trailing by a touchdown while facing 2nd and 13 near their own end zone in the third quarter, it didn't look like the traditional whipping boys of the Big 12 South were going to break the streak.

But then one of those plays that define a program happened.

Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III fired a dart to wide receiver Tevin Reese running a crossing pattern, but the ball bounced off his hands and into the air. And it just so happened that Baylor's fastest receiver, Kendall Wright, was hitting full speed as the ball gently, and improbably, landed in his hands. To the disbelief of the announcers, Wright would score the game-tying touchdown.

Baylor would go on to win the dramatic game 45-38 in the final moments of what was an instant classic.

While there may have been more acrobatic plays made this season, when you consider everything, this might be the most important play of the year in college football. Had the play not have happened, Baylor would have faced a third and long near its own endzone with the strong possibility of having to give Oklahoma the ball back with a lead and good field position. But because the play did occur, Baylor was given momentum in a program defining win that cost Oklahoma a shot at the national championship. Beyond that, it served as a "Heisman moment" for Griffin, who probably vaulted back into serious contention for the trophy.

All that aside, it was a win. And for a program with a history like Baylor, that's always a reason to celebrate.

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