Watch Kendrick Lamar Hilariously Fail At Crashing A Wedding

The people at this wedding don't really want to dance with you, Kendrick.

Don't you want to dance with Kendrick Lamar? The people at this wedding don't really want to, apparently. 

Kendrick Lamar crashed a random wedding in Columbus, Ohio, last month and TMZ recently got ahold of the hilarious footage.

The video shows a green-capped Lamar and friends making their way to the dance floor in the middle of Whitney Houston's hit "I Wanna Dance With Somebody." You can clearly hear a party attendee repeatedly quizzing Lamar on whose wedding it was, before telling them to "get the fuck out."

But Lamar just keeps on dancing like no one's watching. All in all, we'd rate it a seven out of 10 on the wedding crash scale. But maybe take some advice from the pros next time, Kendrick.

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