Kendrick Lamar Sign Language Interpreter At Lollapalooza Is Our Hero (VIDEO)

Though Kendrick Lamar's performance at Lollapalooza -- and the wheelchair crowdsurfing it inspired -- were certainly one of the brightest moments of the Chicago music festival earlier this month, we'd be remiss to not give some props to another performer who nearly stole the show during the rapper's set.

The American Sign Language interpreter's spirited translation of Lamar's performance of "F*ckin' Problems" was also epic in its own way -- and a YouTube video of the performance (NSFW language, naturally) caught the eye of a number of music and culture blogs this week.

You don't need to know sign language to understand what's going on at 1:15 in the video.

Well done, Amber Galloway Gallego! We agree with HyperVocal: All hip-hop concerts should hire folks who do what you do from here on out.

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