Kendrick Meek: Silent Party In Florida Senate Race

Coverage of the Florida Senate race has been pretty much universally centered on the pitched battle that now-Independent candidate Charlie Crist has waged against young GOP hotshot Marco Rubio. So much dramz, those two, and the teevee cameras are always hungry! So what is the Democratic Party candidate -- ol' whosiewhatsit, Kendrick Meek -- doing to get in on the action? Basically, he's serving up a hot platter of nothin'.

Did you know he's not even put up a single ad? It's true!

Creative Loafing: When will you put an ad up?

Meek: That's up to my campaign manager and strategists. I'm just doing what I'm doing now here. Meeting with leaders, talking to people about our campaign and we're very, very excited about it.

To sum up this brilliant strategy, the folks at Rumproast offer: "Arrrggghhhh."

But look! Kendrick Meek is "very, very excited" about the whole running for office thing, and at some point, he may even get very, very, very excited. The opportunity is there: according to a recent Quinnipiac poll, "Meek is much less known than either [Rubio or Crist] with 73 percent of voters not knowing enough about him to rate him either favorably or unfavorably."

I guess Meek is just waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike, or something. Because surely, the media's interest in the sturm und drang going on between Crist and Rubio will fade any minute now.

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