Kendrick Perkins Cries After Getting Traded: Celtics Emotional After Trade Deadline

Kendrick Perkins and his former teammates were emotional after learning that the Boston had traded the center to the Oklahoma City Thunder before the deadline on Thursday, according to CSN New England.

"There was a lot of crying, lot of hugging going on," Perkins said before his former team left to go play the Denver Nuggets. "And a lot of it was me."

Perkins, who had played for the Celtics for seven years, was dealt to Oklahoma City along with Nate Robinson in exchange for forward Jeff Green.

"I miss them," Perkins said. "I ain't gonna lie. I'm gonna miss the hell out of them. It's going to be hard leaving them behind, leaving this team behind and the fans and this city. But this is a business, and being traded is part of that business."

His Boston teammates were also upset with the trade.

"It's not even about a teammate. It felt like you lost a family member today," Kevin Garnett said after Boston's 89-75 loss to Denver. "Tough day."

Paul Pierce talked about trusting team president Danniy Ainge and coach Doc Rivers: "We trust in them. It is what it is. We can't use any excuses, cry over spilled milk."