Anna Kendrick In Talks Star In 'Pitch Perfect'; Kendrick To Star In Singing Film

Move over, "Glee," there's another singing act in town.

And its potential cast ain't too shabby either.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Anna Kendrick is in talks to star in "Pitch Perfect," a romcom couched in the world of collegiate a cappella groups.

Based on the nonfiction work by Mickey Rapkin, the project will be directed by funnyman Jason Moore (Avenue Q).

The movie centers around a dark and rebellious student (Kendrick) who, thanks to her beautiful singing voice, finds herself the lead of the school's singing group.

The role offers us a new view of Kendrick, who typically plays more straight-laced characters. Right now, however, she is busing herself with the upcoming dramedy, "50/50."

Though it shares a musical note with the famed TV show, let's hope "Pitch Perfect" does a bit better in the theaters.