Kennedy Center Honors 2011: Anne Hathaway Does Split During Meryl Streep Tribute (VIDEO)

Legendary film actress Meryl Streep was celebrated at the "34th Annual Kennedy Center Honors" in a star-studded tribute that aired Tuesday night on CBS. In one of the evening's most lively moments, Streep's "Devil Wears Prada" co-stars, led by Anne Hathaway, sang "She's Me Pal" as a tribute to Streep. Hathaway displayed the depth of her friendship, vocal chops and impressive flexibility by dropping into a split mid-way through the routine.

As Streep, who was smiling widely and was at times emotional throughout the evening, looked on from the balcony, Hathaway sang the line, "Her heart is as big as a ham," and dropped to the floor in a split. Her form was perfect, albeit painful-looking, and after a few seconds in the pose she jokingly motioned for help from Kevin Kline, Stanley Tucci and Emily Blunt. After picking her up by her arms, they joined the actress, who's been compared to a young Streep, for a toast during the song's chorus. As the group sang the refrain, "She's me pal," they raised their drinks to Streep, saluting her decades of excellence in film and considerable contributions to cinematic culture.

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