How Kennesaw State University Is Helping Former Addicts Achieve Their Degree

How One College Is Helping Former Addicts Achieve Their Degree

Danny, a Kennesaw State University student whose last name is being withheld, knew it would be difficult to go to college sober. But when he gave into the temptations of drugs and alcohol at KSU, he found himself desperate for help.

He explained to HuffPost Live on Wednesday what his life was like before seeking help from his university's Collegiate Recovery Center.

"Before coming to the center, my experience was very similar to what many young adults in addiction is like," Danny said. "It’s a hopeless, sad road, and just the fact that I'm here talking to you today is pretty miraculous and incredible."

Since 2008, the CRC has provided students struggling with addiction with "universal, targeted and mandated approaches for the collective campus community" by way of group or individual support, as outlined on CRC's website.

Teresa Johnston, the director of the Center for Young Adult Addiction Recovery at KSU, said about 18 percent of young adults display some sort of substance addiction or dependency.

"It’s fairly significant in our culture across the nation," Johnston said, adding that the CRC enables students to join together to answer "how we can climb up [the ladder of addiction] without even knowing."

Watch the video above for more information on the CRC and click here to watch the full segment on overcoming addiction to drugs on campus.

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