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Kenneth Cole Deletes Tweet Calling Kate Spade 'An Inspiring Accessory'

"I realized there may have been room for misinterpretation," the designer said after the backlash.
06/06/2018 06:24am ET | Updated June 6, 2018

Kenneth Cole deleted a tweet calling fellow designer Kate Spade “an inspiring accessory” after her death on Tuesday, People magazine reported.

Cole absorbed backlash for his awkward tribute amid an outpouring of grief for Spade, who died at age 55 in an apparent suicide.

“She alone didn’t change the handbag world but she was an inspiring accessory,” Cole wrote in his original tweet.


Cole later replaced the tweet with a more straightforward remembrance.

“I often say ‘we may not heel the world, but we hope to be an accessory,’” Cole told outlets in a statement that included an apparent pun on the word heal. “Kate Spade left an indelible mark on the fashion industry and my tweet was intended to pay tribute to her inspiring life and work. After posting the tweet, I realized there may have been room for misinterpretation.”

Even after Cole replaced the tweet, criticism of his earlier comment continued.

KMazur via Getty Images
Kate Spade and Kenneth Cole (to the right of Spade) pictured together at a 2002 event.
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