The Funniest @KennethColePR Tweets Yet (PICTURES)

Kenneth Cole Twitter Gaffe Spoofed With Parody Account

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the images coming out of Egypt over the past few days have said a lot about a people facing violence to avoid oppression. Now we know what you're thinking: great time to launch a tongue-in-cheek marketing campaign, right? Well, that's what the official Kenneth Cole Twitter account did with this tweet today, much to the chagrin of people everywhere.

While the official Kenneth Cole account tweeted an apology two hours later, that didn't stop one anonymous Twitter user to launch a hysterical parody account called @KennethColePR, dedicated to lampooning the designer's carelessness.

This obviously fake account is reminiscent of the much-lauded @BPGlobalPR, an account that popped up shortly after the oil spill in the gulf, and has been relating various tragedies to Kenneth Cole sales and styles in its tweets all day. We've gathered a list of the most ridiculous ones so far below. Vote for the funniest one!

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