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'God' Accused Of Attacking Cop, Having Sex With Tree

A man in Melbourne, Florida, allegedly high on a synthetic drug, is accused of attacking a police officer and repeatedly declaring himself to be God, after having sex with a tree.

Kenneth Crowder, 41, was arrested Friday after witnesses reported a naked man running through their neighborhood, and performing a sexual act on a tree, reports.

An officer found Crowder, but he was wearing blue jeans and a T-shirt, according to officials.

The responding officer said Crowder walked towards him in an aggressive manner and identified himself as God, according to CBS Mancave.

The officer responded to the perceived threat by using a Taser on Crowder twice. In both cases, the suspect continued to fight while pulling the probes out of his body, according to the website.

Crowder allegedly punched the cop and tried to stab him with the officer's own badge. When the officer punched Crowder, the suspect referred to himself as "Thor," the Miami Herald reports.

"The officer is doing fine. The suspect tried to stab (the officer) with his own badge. He somehow pulled it off of his uniform," Cmdr. Dan Lynch, spokesman for the Melbourne Police Department, told

It is believed that Crowder was high on flakka, a synthetic stimulant similar to bath salts. Users sometimes believe they have super-human strength.

Crowder was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and other charges. He was released after posting bond, reports.

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