Silver-Haired Weight Lifter Has Awesome Senior Moment At Muscle Beach

Not bad, old man. Not bad at all.

He may look old, but this senior can bring some serious heat.

Top Crossfit competitor Kenneth Leverich wasted no time winning over the crowd at Venice, California's legendary muscle beach when he showed up for a recent weight lifting session in complete grandpa costume.

Spectators and body builders alike seemed concerned that old man Leverich might pull a muscle when he stepped into the gym, but a few dead lifts later and it was all cheers from the audience. Leverich threw in some upside-down push-ups for good measure.

Nice form, very nice.
Nice form, very nice.

The new video, produced by Thrillist shows, may ring a bell with fans of Uncle Drew, the old man played by Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving who is a lot better at basketball than his gray hair suggests.

Here's another Kenneth Leverich video with less make-up and more serious feats of strength.

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