Kenny Scharf And Kiehl's Team Up To Spread Art, Fight Dry Skin (PHOTOS)

Although they may be tough on the inside, even street artists have to moisturize sometimes.

kiehls kenny scharf

Recently, artists from KAWS to Jeff Koons have chosen to team up with skin care line Kiehl's on their Limited Edition "cremes" for the holiday season. Pop Surrealist Kenny Scharf is the latest addition to the "men who moisturize" fanclub. Scharf rose to fame with East Village legends like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. His glossy creatures exude magic and mischief, reminding us of the paintings a brilliant kid would make right before the art teacher called the parents to alert them their son is a total weirdo.

It's safe to say Scharf has officially gone soft, at least as far as his skin goes. His piece "Globo Mundo," which according to the artist, "represents the whole world," is adorning plastic bottles of skin cream now. Although we're not usually too keen on bizarre artist/product collaborations, we do have to give Scharf props for the generous holiday spirit behind the merger. All net profit from Scharf's collection will support RxArt, which brings contemporary art to children in hospitals around the US. This reasoning is far more inspirational than, say, Richard Prince, who recently collaborated with AriZona because he just really, really loved fizzy beverages.

'Tis the season for artsy skincare, we guess. What do you think about this unlikely combo, readers?

Kenny Scharf x Kiehl's