Kentucky Derby Horse Or Nail Polish Color? (QUIZ)

QUIZ: Kentucky Derby Horse Or Nail Polish Color?

As we were getting excited about Saturday's Kentucky Derby race (mostly by ogling photos of amaaaaazing hats from years past), we realized something about the names of the horses competing at Churchill Downs this year: they sound like nail polish names.

That's right: when you think about it, those whimsical horse names could just as well be titles of those colorful Essie and OPI nail polishes. Case in point: last year's Derby entries included Animal Kingdom (the winnner), Pants on Fire and Mucho Macho Man. Some current shades of Essie polish? In Stitches, Jumpin' Junkanoo and Lady Godiva.

Test your Kentucky Derby savvy (or, your manicure mojo) below with our quiz: can YOU tell which is the name of a nail polish and which is the name of a 2012 Kentucky Derby horse?

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