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Kentucky Derby Party Recipes

Leave the race to the ponies, you'll be busy serving this winning menu.
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Leave the race to the ponies, you'll be busy serving this winning menu.

Mint Julep
The signature cocktail of the American South. No Kentucky Derby party is complete without it. Get the recipe.


Mini Chicken and Waffles
These heavenly minis will undoubtedly be a hit, so whenever you decide to serve them, just be prepared to share the recipe (or not). Get the recipe.


Deviled Eggs
Some people are deviled-egg purists. We're not those people. Here, the classic appetizer get's three fun updates. Get the recipe.


Yogurt Biscuits With Honey Butter
A lighter take on a comforting classic. Get the recipe.


Grilled Shrimp and Watermelon Salad
A colorful dish with sweet, salty and smoky flavors. Get the recipe.


Bacon-Wrapped Cheese Straws
Cheese straws should be served at all gatherings. Period. Get the recipe.


BLT Crostini
The best part? This recipe requires little cooking, just assembly. Get the recipe.


Pickled Shrimp
An appetizer that's just as pretty as it is delicious. Get the recipe.


Chocolate Pecan Tart
Use store bought crust to speed things up. Get the recipe.


Bourbon Cream
Use as a topping for the Chocolate Pecan Tart. Or...well just about anything with chocolate. Get the recipe.


Peel and Eat Spicy Shrimp
Best eaten with your hands. Don't forget the napkins. Get the recipe.


Bacon Cheddar Biscuits
We had you at bacon, didn't we. Get the recipe.


One Pot Mac and Cheese
Everything is done right on your stove top--and in 30 minutes to boot. Get the recipe.


Great Gatsby
A sip of sweet sophistication. Get the recipe.


Bourbon Pecan Truffles
Bite-sized drops of heaven. Get the recipe.


Crawfish Boil
Simple, one-pot wonder. Get the recipe.


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