Kentucky Derby Recipes: Mint Juleps To Kentucky Burgoo (PHOTOS)

We're already picking out our hats and julep cups.

The Kentucky Derby, like other sporting events we actually pay attention to, requires an excellent, Kentucky-themed spread of food and drinks. Everyone knows that the mint julep is this day's iconic cocktail, but we want everyone to be equally as well-versed in Kentucky hot browns, burgoo and our new favorite, Benedictine Spread.

Until today, we weren't acquainted with Benedictine Spread, and in case you weren't either, a quick note of background: invented by caterer Miss Jennie Benedict, this green-tinged cream cheese, cucumber and onion dip became a favorite in delicate finger sandwiches at Derby parties. We love this idea, as it kind of represents the whole spirit of Derby Day -- a mildly down and dirty excuse to gamble and drink bourbon during the day, clothed in the Southern elegance of a tea party. We're already picking out our hats and julep cups. Happy Derby Day, everyone!

What's your favorite Kentucky Derby recipe? Let us know in the comments!

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Kentucky Derby Recipes