Kentucky Police Cry Over Burnt Krispy Kreme Truck; Doughnut Humor Ensues

The Lexington Police Department posted images of sad officers in front of a scorched Krispy Kreme truck, leading other departments to respond on Twitter.

Officers from the Lexington Police Department in Kentucky were full of emotion and sans doughnuts after a box truck fire.

In a humorous post on Twitter and Facebook, Lexington Police shared images Monday of a trio of crying officers adjacent to the burnt truck emblazoned with the words “Krispy Kreme.”

The department captioned the photographs with, “No words.”

It’s not clear what caused the accident, but the police department indicated there were no injuries in the accident. Well, except for some doughnuts.

Naturally, many on social media ― particularly fellow law enforcement officers ― loved the self-deprecating post poking fun at the trope that police officers love doughnuts:

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