Kentucky Purchased Hemp Seed From Italy

Due to the fact that hemp is still illegal on a federal basis here in the U.S., Kentucky's Department of Agriculture had to purchase seeds from a broker in Italy in order for the state to begin hoeing rows at its three pilot plots.

A shipment containing 250 pounds of hemp seed destined for The Bluegrass State has successfully traversed the U.S. Customs in Chi-town, but officials in Louisville have so far refused to release the seeds due to federal law and sheer ignorance. (The "sheer ignorance" is simple speculation.)

Even though Kentucky's newly enacted law clearly allows the restricted cultivation of industrial hemp, state-assigned federal customs officials are still leery of signing off on said seed shipments.

But according to Holly Harris VonLuehrte, chief of state in the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, all is good and the goods should be released as of this afternoon.

"I spoke with a customs official in Chicago, and once I advised her of what the law is, and what we're doing at the Department of Agriculture, customs in Chicago released the seeds to Louisville, and now it's just a question of getting everyone on the same page," VonLuehrte avowed.

Our forefathers are undoubtedly turning over in their graves over the utter lack of knowledge regarding the plant genus our government has misguidedly outlawed.

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