Kentucky Fan Gets National Champs '40-0' Tattoo. Let's Hope It Happens For Him.

That's some real confidence, bro.

One Kentucky fan put permanent ink where his confidence is.

Before the NCAA Tournament even began, Rock Wright got a "UK" tattoo on his calf, sandwiched between the inscriptions "40-0" and "National Champions 2015."

university of kentucky

"We're 40-0. That's what it's going to be. 40-0," he told "Nobody stands in our path as a challenge."

But Wright has a backup plan in case the Wildcats fall, the station reports. He'll have the "5" in 2015 changed to a "2" to reflect the Wildcats' 2012 national title, and have the 40-0 altered to the team's record in 2012, 38-2.

Top-rated Kentucky is now 35-0 after disposing of Hampton Thursday night. The Wildcats face Cincinnati on Saturday.

We still like Wright's odds more than Tyler Black's.

Black, also a Kentucky diehard, had a 2014 Kentucky national championship tattoo branded on his leg before last year's SEC tournament, even though the Wildcats lost 9 regular season games. Kentucky almost made good on the seemingly longshot gesture, advancing to the NCAA tournament final before losing to Connecticut. He told ESPN he was planning on keeping his ink anyway.

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