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Kentucky Wildcat Karma

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Jim Bunning is a Hall of Fame Pitcher. He is also a retiring U.S. Senator from Kentucky. He is also an example of what is wrong with lawmakers. He also seems to be a mean spirited, self-indulgent curmudgeon, with a sense of disengagement that makes George W. Bush look like a diamond cutter.

Want proof?

Bunning is blocking a bill that would extend unemployment benefits to 1.1 million Americans. It would also provide COBRA insurance benefits for folks without health insurance and restore a 21 per cent cut in Medicare benefits to participating doctors.

Why is he doing this?

He is doing this because he said it would add to the deficit. Now this same Jim Bunning didn't say a word about the deficit when George Bush ran up bills that would make a gambling addict seek help. He doesn't seem to comprehend that his own state has massive unemployment and this bill would help thousands of his fellow Kentuckians.

Can it get worse? Yes.

Bunning took to the floor of the U.S. Senate to complain that by having to defend his Scroogeosity, he was missing a basketball game between the University of Kentucky and the University of South Carolina, and it was REALLY important because Kentucky's only loss this year was to the Gamecocks, and now he was really steamed because he had to miss the game over something ridiculous like people keeping food on the table (my words, not his).

That's right, a seventy-eight year old man who DID NOT ATTEND THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY got all pissy about missing this game like some bratty freshman being punished for breaking curfew.

Guess what?

The day after this gall inducing statement was uttered, Kentucky lost. They lost to the University of Tennessee 74-65. I sure hope Bunning got a chance to see that one. Go Vols!

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